About us

The Law Office Horák & Partners was established in 1990 to provide legal services focused primarily on the fields of the commercial, civil and administrative laws.

A predominant part of our work is to provide a comprehensive legal service to domestic and foreign entrepreneurial subjects.

Starting business corporations, establishment of organizational units of foreign legal entities, assurance of acquisitions especially in the sphere of industrial enterprises, making amendments in the foundation deeds of business corporations and changes in the legal forms of legal entities (transformations, mergers).

Debt recovery, provision of all matters associated with transfers of real estates, legal aid in preparing territorial units for the implementation of developer projects, etc.

As a relevant part of our work, we also provide legal aid in litigations and in representing our clients in insolvency proceedings.

Our Law Office works closely with our partner law office in FRG, which makes us possible to deal with the matters of our clients in Germany or with the business plans of German subjects in the Czech Republic.

Our lawyers provide legal aid in Czech, German, Russian and English languages. A great part of our clientele is formed by foreign subjects doing business in our country, predominantly German business corporations or their Czech subsidiaries.

Our Law Office also provides complete legal services for forwarders in international and domestic road transport (company establishment, provision of relevant licences and international road haulage permits).